Clown performance "ANIMA ALLEGRA"

ANIMA ALLEGRA is a truly unique performance of new wave in Russian clowning tradition. This is the synthesis of pantomime, clowning, dance and circus acts. The play intelligently performed by the best clown-mines of St Petersburg.

The best performances of these famous artists will be presented to your attention. You will see performances, which have conquered viewers all over the world (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and America). Clowns ` tears will be present and in the same time it makes audience`s laughing. Poetic top quality Clowning acts the atmosphere bright sadness and play makes public cries from laughter.

High professional level of the actors and the unique performances guarantee great time for the whole family, and as well as that plays meet the highest esthetic requests of the public.

Come and see this unique divertissement of clowns from Petersburg! Hurry up! Artists are in demand all over the world, they have rapid touring life around the globe.

It involves leading masters of this genre:

  • Valery Keft is world phenomenal clown, one of the founders of the genre of lyrical clownery in Russia, the brightest of the stars of the theatre “Licedei”, one of the most outstanding artists of the circus du Soleil. V.Keft dedicated 17 years of his career to the Circus du Soleil. Any of his play-stories steals your heart from the very first seconds of acting. If you meet  audience after the performance with eyes full of tears, you can be sure he is crying because they are happy.

  • Robert Gorodetsky is not only the founder of the world-famous Theater “Licedei”, but also recognized symbol of classical St. Petersburg clownery. Artist with theatre “Licidei” traveled all over the world and gave the theater world incredible amount of plots and images. Robert Gorodetsky is truly an icon.

  • Anna Orlova is funny blonde with gorgeous seductive form. She is sex symbol of women`s clowning. This wonderful clowness will give you a totally unique, light and nostalgic mood.

  • Female clown trio“Klavy”. They are students and followers of the Licedei`s movement. At the beginning of their careers girls played in theater “Licedei”. Olga Kozionova, Ekaterina Dorichenko and Marina Cheremisova are the "three feminine graces". Moreover they are traditional pop clownery of St. Petersburg. They are fabulously funny and in the same time feminine diva. They bring viewers to hysterical laughter. A combination of fiery play, lightness and high level of professionalism is bright joks for any concert and celebration.

  • Vadim Savenkov -clown-"winner".  He got worldwide fame and recognition through the victory and participation in many international festivals and competitions. Deeply admirable artist charms his viewers. Synthesis of magnificent game and fabulously beautiful copyright suits is memorable years. Vadim Savenkov is able to contribute in any of the world scene.

  • Theatre "Giraffe Royal" (clown family Varkki) is one of the most bright and mysterious phenomena in genre of circus plastic clownery. Their skills win viewer`s harts,  their plots awaken and open the most hidden corners of the soul, their costume work is comparable only with the artistic production of Cirque du Soleil, which they faithfully and successfully served for many years. Varkki family gives its viewers the incomparable atmosphere of the charming tales.

  • Clown's Duet "Garik and Yurik (Igor Jaroschevich and Yuri Michalik)-stage eccentric clowns. The Clown's Duet is winner of numerous international festivals of clownery and pantomime. Clowns have the powerful to rejoice all views, even the most serious one and demanding audience.  In fact, Swiss views have loved the duet since they start work in the county. This is a good indicator of long-term love Swiss Viewer to the clowns` art.

  • Artem Malkov is an unbeaten representative of original genre of clownery, juggling and acrobatic. He has worked in the best circuses in Switzerland, Japan and China for more than 9 years. His eccentric performances are the real magic. His work with items has no analogues in the world. In fact, the skills of finds balance between any items are fantastic. His charm, humor and natural charisma coupled with paradoxical plasticity hypnotize all viewers.

  • Peter Dementyev is a master of clowning for children. He is one of the most outstanding artists. He received recognition for his crazy charisma that charms any child. Performances of this bight entertainer are accompanied by an ongoing children's laugh. And, as a result, made-up tales win the heart of viewers of all ages.


      Age сategory 12 +